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My latest news, updates and upcoming events.

  • December 2015 – and a Merry Christmas to all of you! Please excuse such a long gap since my last update – although I did refresh the gigs list a couple of times

  • Hello folks – such a long time since Alex re-vamped my website, and long overdue for a news update. One of the reasons for no updates has been my partner Maggie’

  • Thanks for sticking with me while the site was down! My site was one of many thousands to be hacked recently and has been mostly re-instated now by Alex Postance at www.mre

  • Hello again all! A couple of gig updates for you! Mid-March – End May 2017 out of action – knee replacement no.2! 28/5/17 SOLO Hedgerow Folk Club at The Tap and Barrel, Pon