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I’ve been singing and playing folk music since my teens, and a professional musician and sound engineer for over thirty years. I sing songs mainly from my family homeland Scotland, its neighbour Ireland, self-penned songs inspired by my world-wide travelling with Battlefield Band, and any other song that takes my fancy.


I grew up in the North-East of England, with Scottish parents who had a rich fund of songs of their own—music hall favourites, Harry Lauder songs, sentimental ballads and stage Irish songs which my father brought back from working on contract.


Read more about me on the biography page here. Or listen to my music here.

“Alistair has one of the most distinctive and finest voices in Folk Music..…the whole recording exudes class and the repertoire is top notch… all sung with that superb voice”

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Sound and Recording

All the time I have been active as a performer, I’ve been intrigued by how the sound of the musicians gets across to the audience, either live or via recordings. So I’ve kept up to date with live sound and recording techniques, and during many periods, sound engineering has been a major part of my activity.