Is the gig drought over?

Is the gig drought over?

Like many other musicians’ websites, nothing has been happening here for quite some time because of the Covid crisis. I certainly hope you have all emerged as unscathed as possible from all this!

Also like many other musicians, without others to play with in sessions or rehearsals, and without live audiences to play to, I lost much of my motivation – although a few new songs did creep into the repertoire. Sadly, our band Archer Matthews Russell is on hold currently for health reasons, but we are all motivated to re-start as soon as possible!

So, my main occupation during the various lockdowns was writing my (mostly) light-hearted autobiography, which you can see in my shop here:  

I was amazed by the response to the first online sales – the project got excellent reviews, covered its costs from the first printing alone, and also paid for a second printing – thanks to everyone who bought one! For summer 2021, I had several festivals book events arranged where I could do readings and signings to maintain interest, but until now (August) none of these has been able to take place. This was either because of cancelled events, or for the two festivals I have worked at (Underneath The Stars and Wickham), the lack of suitable venues due to social distancing.

But there are some book events lined up, and even some live gigs – one of which happened last weekend at Wickham. What a great feeling to stand in front of an audience again and give my all to the songs! So, here’s what’s been and what’s coming up for me:

4-8/08/2021 SOLO Performing and mainstage compere, Wickham Festival

21/08/2021 SOLO Online performance, Whitby Folk Week @home

21/08/2021 SOLO Black Swan Outdoor Concerts, York

3-6/09/2021 DUO + book event  Gate To Southwell Festival

10-12/09/2021 TBC book event Bromyard Festival

After such a long gig drought, this seems like a mad rush of activity all of a sudden!

Many thanks for reading this, folks.