July 2018 – festivals and gigs!

July 2018 – festivals and gigs!

Hello again all.

  • In the middle of the 2018 festival season now, with 4 festivals behind me on sound and performing solo, and 4 to come on sound, stage management, and more performing.
  • Back in March, I was in the saddle again as tour manager for the Irish Heartbeat tour in Germany – first time in 5 years! 4500km, 16 shows, thousands of happy punters. Thanks to my road companions Theresa Horgan and Matt Griffin, Realta and the Screaming Orphans. A look back on the Irish Heartbeat site here.
  • Chris Parkinson and I had a great trip southwards last month, with full houses at Dorking and Baston – thanks to all who came!
  • This spring has seen me complete CDs recorded on location – a great live concert recording for Sean Humphries, and a series of poems from the legendary Violet Jacob, set to music by the duo Hector Christie and Chris Edwards, amongst others More news when they are released. In August I head south again to record the excellent Cajun Boogaloo!
  • Feel like a bit of an Irish/Scottish music session? Well, publishers Mrs Casey have agreed on a MASSIVE price reduction on my Session Guitar DVD! Check it out here: https://www.alistairrussell.co.uk/product/celtic-session-guitar-dvd/
  • Here’s my stage at Ely being set up for an excellent show from The Willows.

Coming up:

SOLO 2-5/8/2018 Compere, Valley Stage, Wickham Festival

SOLO 2/8/2018 Performance at 16.30, Valley Stage, Wickham Festival

SOLO 4/8/2018 Performance at Mid-day, Valley Stage, Wickham Festival

SOLO 21/8/2018 Whitby Folk Week, The Met, evening show

SOLO 18-24/8/2018 Whitby Folk Week, further spots tba.

12/10/2018 DUO Folk at The Grove, Leeds

Not forgetting my sound engineering outings to come:

Warwick Festival

Bromyard festival